Okay, I think I've learned enough to ask for your services now. How much would a customized death for a demon pony cost?

"depends on who the demon is and were can we find him"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist  *sleepy*

Well then, you guys apparently don't have a very good confidentiality agreement... Where do you get all your supplies? The guns, the knives, the poisons, the throwing stars, the assorted torture deices, the katanas, the ninchaku, the kamas, the grenades, well explosives in general. You gotta have a supplier.

"well i think we get them frSHUT UP!!!… well you heard the boss"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist  *eating donuts* 

What would happen if Princess Celestia found out about your "organization?" Or *le gasp* does she ever hire you?

"she usually calls us once in a while and rather supports us… due to the fact we always kill the successors to the throne behind her"


"well then"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *possibly dead* 

What made you decide to join the mob?

"im just a receptionist and this isn’t the mod it’s a HitMan organization the boss has contacts with trained professionals like the spy and sniper and so forth"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *depression* 

If we don't give you a specific way we want the pony to die, is it usually by bullet? Stabbed? Does torture cost extra as well?

"torture extra…usually bullet or backstab"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *won the lottery* 

Would your hit men let a customer tag along to watch the death or does that make things to dangerous?

"dangerous and annoying as they tend to give the hit man "pointers" and they blow there cover easily"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *painting her hooves on the job* 

Does the boss call out ponies to kill directly often? Or was forgetting the Hitmanliciois a REALLY big mess up on my part?

"your part"

Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *eating Ramen* 

Do you have many recurring customers?

"Not really we’re low on requests… except for that one anon"

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *quire eye for the straight guy* 

What's the mobs policy on dating your co-workers?

"Keep it our of the office… the last time that happened we lost half of the upper building cause of there EXPLOSIVE fun in the closet" 

-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *won the case* 

O_O *eats the rest of the cupcake* Hehe, how worried should I be? Scale of one to ten where ten equals "royally fucked"?


-Hit-Man.Co Receptionist *suing for sexual Harassment from a Ninja*